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"I have been practicing with Emily for little over a year and can highly recommend her as an exceptional teacher. I really feel that my practice has grown under her guidance and gentle nurturing. I love how every lesson is different, she clearly spends a great deal of time planning each lesson to nourish the student. I have been to the stronger classes where she makes sure there are options for all students with detailed and descriptive queues as well as the gentler more restorative classes that feed your soul. The music that accompanied the class is always perfect for the mood and assists in encouraging a meditative practice. Emily herself is a charming delight, a talented teacher and dancer and an inspirational yogi." - Fiona

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"As a gentleman of advancing years I was worried about joining a yoga class, I needn’t have been. Emily was welcoming from the outset and many months on she still retains that enthusiasm. The classes are a pleasure to attend and Emily’s passion to teach is obvious. The level of the classes has been perfect for a group of fairly mixed ability and I can feel the effect of all that hard work. I would heartily recommend her classes to anyone seeking an exciting yet mindful yoga session." - Kris

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"I’ve entered Emily’s class as a complete beginner in yoga, carrying some running injuries, and with an aim to improve flexibility. Emily is an excellent judge of capability, and structures the 45 minute sessions to slowly build on previous classes, with each week having a slightly different focus to keep it entertaining. The classes are always fun, I’ve always left feeling invigorated, and I can thoroughly recommend Emily as a teacher!" - Colin

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"Words can’t describe enough. Emily is not only knowledgable, helpful, and thorough; she is friendly, warm and a general joy to be around. Before going to Yoga, I had been in a car accident which left my back and shoulders very stiff and painful. After a few sessions, I felt stronger and improvement in pain and stiffness. Emily is a great Yoga teacher with great teaching methodology. It is simply fantastic to be a part of Emily’s yoga class." - Rajni.

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